hoollllywoodMMASFY would like to encourage you to make movies! There are a staggering number of Internet resources for getting started with film. We just want to warn you that not all of them are going to “build you up in your most holy faith!” (Jude 1:20)

Tools, ingeniously crafted, exist among those who don’t yet embrace the worldview of Messiah Yeshua (the Biblical worldview). I understand the mystery of people who haven’t yet turned to embrace the “Chief Intelligence Officer,” Yeshua, and yet design solutions that have “heaven on earth” stamped all over them as simply this: “Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of lights, in whom there is no variableness or shifting shadow.” (James 1:17) Meaning, good stuff comes from people who don’t know the “good Teacher,” Yeshua (Mark 10:17-18)!

I prefer the term “pre-born children” for these. It refers to “little ones” in the film industry who may not yet know their Father in heaven, but who, as Yochanon (John) the taught-one wrote from the lips of Yeshua – “he who is doing the truth comes to the light, that his works may be manifested, that in God they are having been wrought.” (John 3:21). That’s to say that, as John echoes in verse 27 of the same book, “A man is not able to receive anything, if it may not have been given him from the heaven…” or… all creativity is from above… every song, every interpretation of light and sound… and every story (in its purest interpretation).. every tool. And there are people in Hollywood, who, although they may not have a testimony of Yeshua (Jesus) now… they will… for they will recognize the Source for their gifts… it is Messiah Yeshua, the Singing Maker… Savior of all who say “Yes!”

The day MMASFY was begun, the Lord lead us to the Vision Forum! As the founder of MMASFY, I don’t personally subscribe to the “Calvinist” world view, but Vision Forum (and their brainchild, The San Antonio Christian Filmmakers Festival) is a wonderful group of believers who have an excellent standard of holiness. I highly recommend their Christian Filmmaking Essentials film resources.

Although many in popular culture may yet be “preborn” in their experiencing Yeshua, the people in it are as precious as you and me. All of heaven rejoices when even ONE of these turn to their Maker (and I really have no clue whether the groups linked on these pages ARE lost without Messiah Yeshua… it’s just that their trees seem to have no fruit that name His name with honor… correct me if I’m wrong, please).

My point is this – don’t worship the PROCESS and TOOLSworship the INVENTOR ABOVE!

And be careful when you’re training in Babylon with this stuff. Remember the edict – “on some have mercy snatching them from the fire, hating the garment spotted by the flesh!” (Jude 1:23)

Tom Chaffer

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Tech Tips from the Digital Cinema Society.

How To Make Your Movie – is a “Film School in a jewel box.” Own it. Learn it. Skip paying 10s of thousands.

Celtx – the place to start! FREE Scriptwriting software – robust, open-source, must-see!

Gorilla Production Software – 2, 3 and 400 dollar solutions for a secretary-in-a-box – one who understands EVERY aspect of the production from start to distro!

Flesh out some characters with Dramatica Pro.

Go to Robert Rodriguez’ 10 minute film school and get started shooting!

A local MMASFY has suggested the use of Palo Alto’s Business Plan Pro – see especially the “using the investment offering table” in Tutorials – this is a risky but promising way to raise major funds for your next (or first!) rock-solid, blockbuster! Got ta do them financials, folks!

Another site we liked for its comprehensiveness was It has resources for learning writing, editing, videography and cinematography, production, and distribution and marketing. Other very good resources are the VideoGuys’ DeskTop Video Handbookand’s Desktop Video site.

Another great overall resource is the Insider’s Guide to Independent Film Produciton at Lots of great legal and other practical advice!

Computer-based Film Making

Apple’s Final Cut Studio Box is worth mowing 50 lawns – FO SHO! Please buy it. Learn Final Cut Studio (and anything else you can think of) online from the best teachers for 30 bucks a month!

Cinelerra – a FREE linux-based dv editing and compositing suite

2-pop – The Digital Filmmaker’s Resource Site

Television Production: Online Course Video for iTunes – using only Quicktime Pro (30 bucks)’s Editing Page

Editing Guidelines

DeskTop Video Handbook

Desktop Video site

Film Schools

How to Make Your Movie – 49 bucks for a Film School all to yourself!

A Thought About Film Schools AFI Conservatory LOAFS – Library of Annotated Film Schools Reviews of film schools by students from

Yahoo’s Film School List

Robert Rodriguez’ 10 Film School

Magazines, News, Organizations, and Conferences

Film & Video mag is now online – highly recommend signing up here


FilmMaker’s Magazine

American Film Institute – AFI

iF Magazine

Kansas City Film Festivals

Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee

The Kansas International Film Festival

Other Film Festivals

Santa Monica Film Festival & Moxie! Awards

Moondance Film Festival

Slamdance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival


Hollywood Black Film Festival

Tropfest Berlin
International Film Festival

San Diego Latino Film Festival

Los Angeles Film Festival

San Francisco Film Society

Cannes Film Festival

Atlanta Film and Video Festival

Visual Communications Online – L.A.

Asian Pacific Film and Video Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival

Telluride Indiefest

AFI Fest

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