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Keep it in the kingdom

This is where other believers who are “faithful scribes… bringing forth out of their treasure chest… things new and old”

Then said he unto them, Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old. (Matthew 13:52)

Surf these ideas, MMASFY intercessors! “Keep it in the kingdom!” Remember, Yahweh, the Father of all creation, who by the voice of His Son, created all things… is the author of creativity as well as salvation! So “come out of Babylon and be separate” (Revelation 18)
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Revelation of John 18:4)
Kinda like “holly” wood vs “Sher” wood… hm… which one’s gonna support you in hard times? PLEASE don’t rummage (at least not exclusively or often) for ideas in the sewage of this broken world system! We promise, Abba YHWH will be faithful to you to give you creative ideas and skills… if you ask… and if you trust Him with your craft.

Sherwood Baptist Media – I would have put these brothers and sisters in the Intercessors group… just not sure that they would like our “glossolalia!” = San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival offers a 100,000 prize for best film! And…. was responsible for the birthing of MMASFY back in 2006! Sweet, huh? – House of Light Creative Studios are doing a new thing with “afterEden” a snowboarding film that seeks to draw people closer to the God who sends snow upon the earth (Job 38:22)

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Every Student – inspiring video interviews! Great content… why won’t people do movies based on THESE true stories? What Hollywood says sells (obviously) ain’t necessarily so! Let’s rock this world for the Kingdom of Love and Light, shall we? Jesus still saves!

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If you are a Christian Film/TV Producer or Distributor and would like to include your
company amidst the MMASFY pages, please send us your web site and company logo to:
Christian Industry Links
More Christian Film & TV production companies, Distributors, and Film Festivals! (In no particular order!

Jerusalem Street Productions – Youth affecting youth with media and heart on a shoestring budget in the capital of World Revival, Jerusalem, Israel! Christian Filmmaking NEWS

Gospel Communications International – more Christian filmmaking NEWS

Phil Cooke Pictures – Production company with EXCELLENT RESOURCES!

The God of Moses – Norton Rodriguez’ Production Company!

Christian Filmmaking – Another site with EXCELLENT RESOURCES!

Artistic Concepts – Production company!

Independent Christian Films – A ministry of Vision Forum which is Calvinist, unfortunately, but is succinct in calling our nation to repent and believe in King Jesus (or Yeshua!… they don’t seek to understand our Hebrew roots, either). We highly recommend their Film Teaching materials!

HolyHill Productions – Production company!

Vision Gate Films – Production company with EXCELLENT RESOURCES!

Faith Film – RESOURCES – Specializing in Special Effects & Production

Cloud Ten Pictures – Production company!

KTF Productions – Production company!

Mitch Robbins – Production company!

Crusader Entertainment – Production company!

WorldwidePictures – Evangelistic movies by the Billy Graham Outreach

8x – Gener8xion Entertainment – Production company! See “Esther” Trailer!

Christian Cinema – a DVD shop with an EXCELLENT movie NEWS section!

Messenger Films – Production company!

Signal Hill Pictures – Production company!

Christian Movies – a DVD shop

Reel Christian – Production company!

Perception Films – Production company!

Justice Pictures – Production company!

American Portrait Films – Production company!

The Jesus Film Project! – Production company focused on ONE WORLD-CHANGING FILM!

Jeremiah Films – Production company!

Apologetics Group – Awesome expose on the “Da Vinci Code” paganism.

Testimony Pictures – Production company! The Calling “a high standards film.”

Eden Communications – Production company!

Glowing Nose Productions – Production company!

Sower Productions – Production company!

EyeLightMedia – Production company!

A special thanks to Mark Bradford and Norton Rodriguez for most of these links! (updated and clarified)

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