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MMASFY004 – San Antonio 01


Last October, I was UBER-blessed to be able to go to The San Antonio Christian Filmmaker’s Academy! (Yes, 4 months ago.. Yes, I’ve been busy) Has godless Communism taken over our schools, politics and movie industry? Do I have your attention with that outlandish question? What if I recommended you study the goals of the “Frankfurt School” and what if I suggested they already have!? This is the basis for today’s current cultural confusion, I’m convinced. This, among other things (like where to point a light and how to climb a mountain), is what we learned October 16th-19th, 2006, at the Academy. Join me in this several-episode series covering the event. (Subscribe!)

View MMASFY 004 – SanAntonio01. 2 minute, 55 seconds (10.5 megs)

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