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A Christian Filmmaker's Dilemma

I think Kyle Prohaska (filmmaker of Standing Firm) knocks it out of the park with this incredibly soul-searching article, A Christian Filmmaker’s Dilemma.

I bring this to the table because in that moment God really struck me with reality.  I think this is a problem that we all face everyday as artists, especially filmmakers.  We see some great art (or in this case, films) around us and are drawn to those because of their artistry and quality.  I think because of that we compromise our spiritual integrity, and all of it in the name of art or as I’ve heard other Christian filmmakers say (and unfortunately I’ve said it as well)…”research.”

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MMASFY013 – Prayer for Banners Ps20:5 Style!


Banners… Films! Films that proclaim “Yeshua!” Salvation! Our Savior’s name as a baby was… “Salvation!” May our banners hold His name high!

US Economy is flailing … but that only means MORE need for “entertainment” … just as in the 30s … I’m asking heaven for Christians to be used like Daniel was. Banners = Movies! Psalm 20:5!

(No reward for this prayer but that’s ok – Matt.6:5, 1st Cor.3:18 – because Jesus compels me.)

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MMASFY012 – Learn from the Angels


Have you ever considered what heaven has been doing all these years? I propose that ONE of the things heaven has been doing is recording the deeds of the Almighty Yahweh, Maker and Lover of heaven and earth!

Steven Spielberg has nothing the on “scribe-angels” in heaven – possibly pre-dating human recordists and filmmakers by 100s of thousands of years! Think REEEEEEEEEALY advanced technology!

Question… what could we learn from Abba Yahweh that we could NOT learn from Hollywood? I propose – everything we need to know to make movies that will make the CUT when Yeshua comes back to destroy the systems of men.

Will you be one of the ones who pulls down those new stories? Those new camera angles? That new editing style? That new sound? That new music?

You’ll never find out if you’re only leaning upon Hollywood to give you your insight.

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MMASFY010 – HOPFAN1 – House of Prayer for all nations 1


This is HOPFAN1 – House of Prayer for all nations 1. It’s hopefully the beginning of a series of web films which explore the idea that Jesus (Yeshua) loved His Father’s house so zealously that He took up a whip to make the point! See Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15 and John 2:15…

They came to Yerushalayim, and Yeshua entered into the temple, and began to throw out those who sold and those who bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of those who sold the doves. (Mark 11:15)

I wanted to show you this edit for 2 reasons… to get the thing out the door before the end of 2007! And also to let you see how much can be done in post! Hopefully (if other projects don’t swamp this little guy), I’ll show how so much can be done (especially with text effects via Apple’s Motion) to add to the final effect. Special thanks to (in order of appearance) Joel, Micah, Matt, Corey, Kenny and Simon. The music at the end is mine… with a little help from my friends at Reason!

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MMASFY009 – The year end wrap up 2007 (w/ beard)


I’m a huge supporter of and the Wallers (a family of 14!). The movie made about their life, A Long Journey Home, by Franklin Springs Family Media, was inspirational for me to bang out a little still-camera narrative, HOPFAN1. I try to give some insight to other inspiration as well… the beard is another story altogether.

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MMASFY008 – IHOP Media Apprentice Report #2


Here’s some of what we do around the office. Actually Dusty’s really the only apprentice helping – me and Keith were just “documenting”! This is the OneThing Promo shoot – final shot. Angel Soto directing –

Here’s the lyrics to the background song, Completion (written, produced by yours truly) –

If the end wasn’t coming – the end of this world system – if it wasn’t crumbling – beneath your feet…

What would you do – with your precious seconds? – Would you dance? – Would you romance?

Would you teach the precious children – with an eye for substance? – Would you keep the precious things – in plain view?

Would you fill their circumstance – with hope? – With love? – With dignity? – With adventure?

This is your completion! – It’s not only about you – It’s about the children!

MMASFY008 – Media Apprenticeship Report #2 – Onething Promo Shoot – 9 minutes 22 seconds (92.8 megs!)

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OK, Happy Moviemakers… back from the backlog to encourage prophetic seers to make those movies that magnify Yeshua, King of the Universe! This is only a reference to a site and a specific post on that site written to inspire! Dood’s name is Mike Curtis and, whether he’s acquainted intimately with the King or not, he’s automatic for the people! I thank God for him!

In this episode our fearless HD hero gives us a wonderful kick-in-the-pants, 10-steps-to-movie-release guide for those who REALLY want to “get’r’done”!

Observe and DO!

And say a prayer of thanks for Mike’s AWESOME site! (Visit often!)

Peace in the Middle East in Yeshua, King of the Universe,


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MMASFY007 – IHOP Media Apprentice Report #1


On May 28th, 2007, 32 apprentices began 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, LIVE broadcasting from Grandview, MO. See it at and, occasionally on The signal is beamed from Grandview to Jerusalem, then on to the outermost parts of the planet. I’ve been chosen to be apart of it and MAN, am I excited! Basically it’s the culmination of all my calling and gifting in one gig. May the King Yeshua be glorified! Make movies, everyone!!!

View MMASFY 007 – Pitching a Trilogy from the future. 1 minute, 27 seconds (49.9 megs!)

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MMASFY006 – Pitching a Trilogy from the Future


Giving it up for the future! Herein our protagonist offers 3 feature films as potential society changers. “Will you choose the truth or the lie?”

View MMASFY 006 – Pitching a Trilogy from the future. 3 minute, 17 seconds (17.6 megs)

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MMASFY005 – San Antonio 02


This is a “vlog” – covers the “monotony” of living in a tin can that transports humans from the rain-drenched ground to the sun-kissed skies – on my way to The San Antonio Christian Filmmaker’s Academy!

Music is provided by Herbsquare. Do listen to this brother from Japan.

View MMASFY 005 – SanAntonio02. 3 minute, 40 seconds (11.2 megs)

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