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Chaffer Report: 20100916

[I’ve done a few of these updates over on the Facebook page. I’m gonna echo them here for posterity’s sake. Short, annotative. That’s all.]


Tues. Evening MMASFY-bro, Bob Waldrop and I got together and dropped MASSIVE prayers for Yeshua and for you all to GET HEAVEN’S MEDIA and then get it OUT.

Also, spent time with a good friend, Mike Haack – who has sooo much to offer the Christian Filmmaker’s community – both as a teacher and as a filmmaker. He obviously has the heavens COOKIN’ over his head! What a guy.. and what a testimony of Yeshua.. and what FILMS are going to come out of his life and ministry!

Already he does beautiful work for IHOP-KC – as a filmmaker and teacher at IHOPU.

Blessings, movie makers. We can do this!

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