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The Distribution Holy Grail

humble_holy_grailThe holy grail.. purported to have been filled with the wine of Yeshua’s last sup with His beloved Jewish friends (yes, Luke was Jewish by conversion).

Ah, the wine of a well told story – and contained and delivered by that cup – most likely humble in appearance, but delivering the precious fruit of the vine during a most sacred time of gathering, remembrance and vision.

Pesach – wherein the Passover Lamb Himself poured out life and love for another – for us!

Kinda like what happens in a movie theater, huh?

Our wine is our story.. and our cup is the way we share that story.

Today I was completely blown away by a story of selling stories!

Tommy Kendrick, an Austin, Texas-based actor, podcaster and filmmaker, has recently interviewed Linda Nelson of Indie Rights, a co-op.

I want to highly recommend this podcast as REQUIRED READING this weekend for all MMASFY men and women. Take notes, bookmark,  subscribe and INGEST!

The chalice that holds your life-affecting stories is almost as important as the stories themselves. Tommy’s article… is your holy grail. Let your stories about Yeshua’s glory and grace be heard and seen.

Otherwise, what good are they?

– – –

tomchafferTom Chaffer, founded MMASFY, the Movie Makers and Shakers for Yeshua, in 2005 as a result of watching the Passion of the Christ for the first time. Join the MMASFY. Be a storyteller who wants Yeshua to be known and heard.

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