Digital Bolex: A Color-Rich 4:4:4 Kodak 2k Sensor

You may recall the Swiss company named Bolex that took the indy film world by storm and has been a go-to brand for over 50 years.

Well, the brand has teamed up with a quirky couple in Los Angeles who’re bound and determined to give the world an inexpensive but powerful digital cinema camera.

Behold the Digital Bolex!


They’re using an interesting Kodak CCD, 12.85 mm (H) by 9.64 mm (V) mm (Super16-ish in size) sensor sports a pixel size of 5.5 micron (compared to the 4.3 micron size of many DSLRs). And, unlike CMOS, it has no rolling shutter! That’s the horrible jello effect you get on your iphone when you swish pan or otherwise jiggle it during filming.

PDF of the specs here!

So it’s a 2k cam – 2048×1152 is not the big, fancy 4k… which is monstrously bigger than HD. 2k is slightly bigger than it’s nearest kin, 1080…


BUT the beauty part of this camera is it’s all about COLOR!

And, think about Betamax and VHS. It’s still a gamble for the industry to jump to 4k so shortly after re-tooling the world for HD.. will the public ever ask for more than 2k/HD?

CommentLuv it up! Let me know what you think about this baby!

I, for one, am excited!

More info: (pass: bolex)

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