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Ultra Mega Monster Uber! (4k)

Well, who really knows if we’ll all be satisfied stopping at 4k resolution. We may even all be happy with 2k and call it quits there.

But, whatever the case, wouldn’t it be nice if you could produce video that was all good’n’ready for 2015? In 2013?!

Well, my low-budget friends, your hopes are not to be dashed! BlackMagicDesign has come up with the UltraStudio4k for a mere $1,295 American buckaroos (get ’em while they last – the dollars, that is)! (And cue trumpet fanfare)

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 10.47.44 AM

I’ve been looking at the ATEM Television Studio for online “Produced Hangouts” (see image below – a site I run with friend, Josh Wendel), but I’m also envisioning a film set and this product would be the mama’s milk for handling the signal flow above 2k!

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 11.02.44 AM

It’s a brave new, inexpensive world, folks. Don’t let the technology slow you down! Just go do it, believing what you NEED to make it glorious has already been thought of… because, unless you’re planning a holographic projection from a flying saucer, it already has. (Oops… that’s been thought of, too! Blue-beam Project!)

Atem TV Studio in a really small car-van in ItalyA “van” in Italy with the BlackMagicDesign ATEM TV Studio aboard!

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Yes, Switch.

Thinking of dropping Final Cut and going with a company that won’t leave you hanging while they half-heartedly (and radically) retool (some of) their software?*

Do it.

I, for one, am a super-happy switcher. I’ve been using Premiere (instead of Final Cut) for several months now and I haven’t been happier as an editor..

And, much more than that, the PRICE! $49.99 per month for the “Creative Cloud” plan gets you EVERYTHING Adobe makes – Photoshop, After Effects (wacky special effects of the tallest order), Audition (Sound design – which I use ALMOST exclusively now in my productions – I do occasionally call upon the superior tools in Apple’s LOGIC, I admit. But, in that case, have actually been considering switching to ProTools.), InDesign (page design and layout), Dreamweaver (websites) and many more

Adobe is storming filmmakers (and, consequently, film festivals) with “the change.” Here they are at Sundance 2013 – adobe_cs7

* Apple once had a little program named “Shake.” Shake was a miraculous compositing program (similar to After Effects) used on many big-budget productions (following), but, for some strange reason (not really, it was purely a bottom-line “development-hours-vs-profit” decision, to be sure), Apple dropped it shortly after aquiring the industry-changing software! In 2006 was end-of-lifed. In 2009 it was erased from

Many users of the software felt like this     ->    🙁

Shake has been used in such films as Peter Jackson‘s The Lord of the Rings and King Kong, as well as Harry Potter movies and Cloverfield. It was also used by The Embassy to create a television advertisement for Citroën with a dancing car. Shake was used by Broadway Video for restoring the release of “Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season” DVD box set. It is also in use by CBS Digital for creating new visual effects for Star Trek Remastered.

Other major productions using Shake include the 2005 adaptation of War of the WorldsStar Wars Episode III: Revenge of the SithFantastic FourMission Impossible 3PoseidonThe IncrediblesHulkDoctor WhoThe Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. – Wikipedia

And Apple seems to have done the same to producers who depended on Final Cut, leaving us in the lurch for a matter of YEARS while they created a big-profit “iMovie” from the various parts of Final Cut and Motion (a newer, weaker compositor).


So what if Final Cut X works now. Producers still feel jerked around by the stylish, but calculating monolith.

So, THANKS, Adobe!

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