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YouTube Space LA

Food for thought: MMASFY people in the house, you may have noticed our number 1 desire is to inspire YOU to do MEDIA for YESHUA! Well, today I’m especially inspired to share what YouTube is doing to “channelize” their content.. the single most VAST repository of media ever created (besides, of course, the angelic media awaiting our perusal into the ever-brightening future!)… they’re building YouTube Spaces all over the world!

What would it look like if a benevolent benefactor (or 2) would fund a director (like me.. or Jacob Izrael.. or both of us!) who could bring together other online self-taught video creators (mostly delivering their products on Youtube currently) and help them “do their YHWH-exalting dreams?”


YouTube Space LA • YouTube Space London

Would have had an embedded video here, but, due to Youtube’s fortuitous (and wise) desire to cross-promote all of their amazing (albeit strictly secular) Youtube Creators, this one’s not embeddable!

Let your imagination continue to soar. The One who holds the atoms together (and a really, REALLY Creative Guy) is calling us upward and onward.

King Yeshua will surely sponsor similar projects after we clean up the mess the anti-christ is about to make, but IN THE MEANTIME, wouldn’t it be groovy if we could deliver some rockin’-remnant relics for the future to wonder at in amazement?

I can hear them now,

How did they break thru the heavy fog of the prince of the power of the air and make such clear and entertaining statments of King Yeshua’s majesty and wonder!?

So many were saved and encouraged by their majestic and fun video projects!

Etc., etc.

So! Anyone interested?! Call me! Let’s do this!










So Dream BIG!

And consider contacting me, Tom Chaffer, to help you get that dream accomplished!


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