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Great article on Video Journalism!

MMASFYpeeps, I want to strongly encourage you (as ever I do), ALL forms of media are fair game for the believer in Yeshua with fire in their bones and a spring in their step to TELL THE STORY of our Savior and His only-way, only-truth and only-life!

Song about my King written last month – Tom

Here is an expert who, although maybe not a believer – who can know what a person believes without an abundant “testimony of Yeshua that distinguishes the spirit of prophecy” at the end of the age of empires and dictators. Perhaps we’ll never know…

With a prayer for mercy upon his soul, I urge you to study the insights of this video professional. He is “Video Journalist” of the Photographic Journalist stripe.

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MMASFY to Ping or Ping to MMASFY

That! Is the question!

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