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Lighting the Scene: Act of Valor DP says DSLRS “most powerful brush”

The Newmeed is comin’ at ya! There’s a new media breakin’ in. It reflects the coming of the meekest Man ever to walk planet Earth – the One who also sustains matter and all life with one sentence – Yeshua Messiah.

This is a first! Major Hollywood production company, The Bandito Brothers (Documentarians of Step into Liquid and the upcoming Waiting for Lightning about Skateboard phenomenon Danny Way) used the Canon CMOS-based (read “wiggly cam”) 5dmkII and 7d cameras to shoot an extensive (militarily funded) documentary of Navy Seals in their (almost) natural habitat. Although events weren’t LIVE warfare, the simulation is, apparently, convincing.

But the lessons I learned on the webcast last Tuesday with DP, Shane Hurlbut and Head of Post, Jacob Rosenberg, are multitudinous. I’m still processing, but there were vivid lessons in

  • types of gear required for (amazingly) fast acquisition,
  • techniques for deployment of an effective DSLR Production,
  • technical considerations for post processing (all Adobe Premiere edits)

Great set of articles here that cover the DSLR shift (in their humble opinion).

Here’s the link to the Videography Mag Webinar (requires signup.. maybe cash) for more info orrrr…  if you would like, you can also contact me (Tom).

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