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Unless the RED Scarlet materializes…

I said that in my last post.. mere days ago.

Well, guess what? has made some big changes to their site! Those changes include some verrrry interesting references to said “Scarlet!”

Have a look!

Also, some great videos here.

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Panasonic AF100 Storm Brewing.

This is the camera to get (for the price) for the next 6 to 12 months.

Unless, of course, the RED Scarlet materializes sometime soon. Then that will top this.

If you don’t already have a tool that works. And IF you have the extra 3 to 5 grand in this economy!

But, still. Nice to admire the crafstmanship these guys are cranking out so YESHUA (Jesus) can be GLORIFIED!

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Jacob and Adam Hanly – Handheld

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=450 height=253 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

I think this shows how low a budget can go and still communicate a slice of eternity. I’d venture a guess that Yeshua will look on this music video with more pleasure than others that cost millions to make!

Great job, Jacob and Adam.

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Chaffer Report: Rapt

Stopped by a film festival page that some of you may actually like… alot!

But I sense it’s pathos does not incline towards the distinct glorification of Yeshua.

Why is that, do you suppose? Is He not worthy of our rapt attention in film?

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Lighting the Scene 004 – BHPhoto Teaches Permission Marketing.

Lighting the Scene at MMASFY.comWhat kind of widget are you wanting to sell?

A DVD of your latest movie, perhaps?

As “FilmPreneurs,” we need to be super creative. The MMASFY crew are already graced by some of the most cutting edge filmpreneurs to date. And the one thing that sets us apart from all of the others hoping for enough financial success to sustain the lifestyle of a filmmaker?

Great sales using great marketing skills!

Case in point, B & H Photo, New York, NY. I’ve been a fan of theirs since before moving to New York in 1989 (stayed a little over a year – whew!). The “films” they make – –  actually number over 410! These “hands-on tutorials” are designed to entertain and educate and provide one desired result – that, through what’s called “permission marketing,” you grow to trust B & H and actually think of them when it comes to purchasing time… even if their costs are slightly higher than what the market is bearing elsewhere.

How does all this apply to us indy storytellers for Yeshua? Focus on your Video Podcasts!

Look at how one of our favorite forerunner film teams, who make movies as singularly for the  glory of YHWH in Yeshua (Jesus) as is humanly possible, Sherwood Baptist Church and Sherwood Pictures does it!

Consider how effective “permission marketing” becomes when you take the time – as the Courageous crew has done – to share your moments, your wins, your losses… your goals and visions. This becomes the ideal staging area for someone in today’s hustle-bustle, information overload world to feel connected… and to give you permission to cast your vision… a place to speak intimately into their lives…

Perhaps even more so than in the theater!

And I’m not making any money from BHPhoto for all this! They just inspired the heck outta me and I’m truly inspired myself to share more videos! (I put up an audio recently and I have a video coming soon.)

Excelsior in Yeshua, the Light of the world!

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Super Zoom… AWAY!

‎”Super Zooms” – look like DSLRs but have fixed-lenses and are a fraction of the price. The 2 heavy hitters for about $350 (Panasonic) and $400 (Canon) are amazing pieces of machinery and a great idea for beginning (or low-budget) movie makers. Here’s a fun video and an amazing… article

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