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Panasonic stepping up its micro four thirds offerings

Panasonic is close to releasing the world’s first micro four-thirds Camcorder!

Here’s the cam in its current state (thanks to Mikko Wilson for image)

Panny is also releasing (in July!) their new Gl-2. See Gizmodo’s “Micro Four Thirds” “everything-page” for more on that.

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MMASFY makes some email changes!

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Howdy, MMASFY people!

Well… and … both fell by the wayside recently.

Tom Chaffer here and, altho its a sad thing, there’s something even better, I think, taking their place!

My 2 new sites – and! And 2 more besides – and!

Interestingly, I feel I can actually post this same article to both you MMASFY-people AND you lovers of Jerusalem, my MyRightHand’sArt peeps! I’m sharing a video project (MMASFY) which has to do with Jerusalem (MRHA)!

I’ve had the wonderful privilege to help Esther Levens present 4 unique videos, through her site,, for Jerusalem Day this year – May 12th, 2010.

All 4 can be viewed, either on the UC4I Youtube channel or on Esther’s website.

The 4th video, I’m most excited about, features famous Russian dissident, Natan Sharansky. It’s quite feasible that one particular man was responsible for the release of over a million Jews from the former Soviet Union. It was quite a moment to be able to record his voice live and direct… onto my iPhone! Esther interviewed him and I recorded, researched and edited together this piece.

I also had the privilege to participate in an interview with Senator Sam Brownback, regarding his bill to ensure the final fulfillment of US Law 104-45 (104th Congress, 1995) and move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the eternal Capital of the sovereign State of Israel! If this move happens, the Lord MAY spare judgement on the USA because of other current, ongoing mistreatment of Israel and favor being shown to her (and our) enemies. See Esther’s Action Alert to help make it happen here.

We also interviewed Dr. Robert Stearns, founder of Eagle’s Wings and singer and theologian extraordinairre – and Shoula Romano Horing, (the only of the 4 in which I used my iPhone to capture video!). Shoula is an Israeli Sabra (native-born) and Kansas City lawyer and lecturer. Have a look at her moving testimony of growing up in Jerusalem during the 6 day war time frame!

– – – –

As to what my recent email might mean to those on my list (see sidebar – SUBSCRIBE if you’re not already!), I would like to urge you to stay on board with the MMASFY or MRHA emails, but, if you must, you can freely unsubscribe with this new “MailChimp” email service I’m using and I will sorely miss your presence.

In fact, if you would like to explore further into the “atomsound universe,” you could even subscribe to more than just this one MMASFY or MyRightHand email. Just sign up here for the other 3 services I’m offering now – emails along the lines of any (or all of ) the following sites –

MMASFY (MovieMakers and Shakers for Yeshua)
YeshuaIS and
Atomsound.TV Updates

I promise I won’t send more than once a month on each… and even THAT probably won’t happen super regularly (except for MRHA.. I try to be faithful to that one for sure). There’s a fun one-question survey in there, too!

Thanks precious saints. I’d love to hear from each one of you personally. Give me a call.

Blessings in Yeshua, our amazing, wonderful and soon-coming, ROARING Messiah!

Tom Chaffer

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