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Vincent Laforet, Mr. "First to Market" w Canon 5dMkII, teaches FREE!

The Nikon D300s (I think)

Vincent, who grabbed the Canon 5d Mkii the FIRST day a pre-release was available and (on the fly that weekend) made Reverie – a “glamoromance” short film that stretched the low-light talents of the 5d Mkii to the max. His little video (with a production cost of $5,000) has been viewed over 5 million times.

This 3 day workshop teaches how to best set the Picture Styles in your Canon 5D MKII, White Balance, the new Zeiss CP.2 Cinema style lenses in action, and much more. The workshop is presented with 3 main sections: THEORY, GEAR/TECHNICAL, and LIVE SHOOTS – followed by some workflow examples that discuss basic editing, grading, and output.

5 of 29 videos are available FREE but the entire course can be had for the low, low price of $129 bucks!


I certainly am!

Seriously MUST see!

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What a DSLR Video!

Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm full frame Prime lens
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This video from is the bomb! Please, for the love of all things gadgetorial, WATCH IT! It’s along the (exact) same lines as our last post… DSLRs ROCK!

Introducing the Ikan FlyPack 2 Bundle

Get the Most from Your HD-DSLR

Hosted by Trevor Haugen, Reel Classroom


The complete and portable support and monitoring system provided in the Ikan FlyPack2 Bundle is a significant addition to any HD-DSLR production arsenal. Watch as Trevor Haugen shows you what the kit contains, how it works and why you won’t want to shoot without it.

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