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MMASFY016 Red Scarlet and Epic are SOON coming!

Video I did on my vimeo page that never made it home … until now!

Just putting together some comments – with my own – on the Red Scarlet – – and –

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Making meaning viral… muppet style (sort of).

A wildly popular viral video was produced by the Jim Henson-ites which mashes up muppet and Queen. Pretty stinkin’ fun to watch, but what eternal benefit? Some creative inspiration, yes, but really… much else?

My point is two-fold. Jim Henson was a king of brand. He had a way with characterizing the archetypal extremes of human experience into easily memorable and lovable caricatures that is an ongoing study in product name-branding. So gain from the creative style, but spit out the useless anti-God chatter. Add meaning to your characters that’s both memorable (like the Muppets) and brings the Word of Yeshua (in Hebrew, our Savior’s name means “salvation!”) to a spirit-starved world.

Make video filled with meaning that people can build their lives on. The Hebrew Scriptures uniquely provide that meaning. As substantial as the Western Stone underneath the Temple Mount, in the natural realm, and the far-superior Foundation Stone Himself, Yeshua the Messiah, in the spiritual realm, the very bedrock and cornerstone of all matter!

And the other point to consider from this video is that, although “video-conferencing” is mentioned at the end as being a waste of time, it is using a typical Frankfurt School aesthetic, in my opinion, which is to mock the truth. “Viral” videos (well-written, well-performed, well-produced video nuggets) and video-conferencing (mixed with a dash of reality-networking) can go a long, long (9.5 million views!) way towards getting the word out.

Now, granted, The Jim Henson Company is, perhaps, more skilled together than your average video-hack on Youtube, but it is still unprecedented for a single piece of video to be viewed by 9.5 million people with practically ZERO marketing budget! And the playing field is SO level now that WE can compete.

So lets!

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Scarlet News and Peter Jackson on Filmmaking

scarlet_8x_zoom_fixedThe verdict is in! For 4700 bucks you can have your own RED camera setup… at least that’s what the rumor straight from is!

Following is a excerpt from an interview by ICNmagazine with Peter Jackson, the director of Lord of the Rings and who has shot with RED cameras and is integral to the development process:

ICN: But with smaller projects, marketing could be inexpensive and focused, niche-oriented, to reach out directly for those who want to see challenging storylines. And technical limitations aren’t what they once were for zero-budget shoots.

Jackson: I agree. The amateur or low-budget feature is something anybody can make with reasonably good quality due to the technology, so it doesn’t matter about the camera. You don’t even need to shoot on the RED – 1080p HD cameras are enough, and from there cut it on iMovie or Final Cut. I’m hopeful that is where the next exciting trend is going to be. Perhaps as we are talking, the seeds of that ultra-low-budget film industry are being sown. That might bloom and blossom, and if so, $30,000 or $40,000-dollar feature films with really interesting content could be what turns things around. It could happen; I certainly hope to see it.

Screen shot 2009-12-04 at 2.28.22 PM

Wow. Things are moving and shaking in some mighty fine ways, dear filmmakers!

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