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An inexpensive simple and beautiful sound solution!

The Zoom H2 or H4 with (or without!) an inexpensive lapel mic!

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iPhone vs gPhone – Android Phone for Filmmakers

This is the beginning of a dilemma for me: to leave my android – gPhone – g1 – Google Phone for an iPhone or not to.. that is the question. The criteria for my decision is simple: which will be the better assistant – in filmmaking?

iphone-vs-gphoneSo I’m not going to do a definitive search here. But I will post new findings as they come. I’ll direct you to sites that have already done some legwork to help answer this question and leave it at that for now for the sake of expedience.

1st out of the gate (iPhone) tons of links here. Great starting and stopping place, truthfully.

More –

Now I’ve not found a gPhone directory for moviemaking apps YET…

So here’s my own Android Film / Movie Makers App list!! (only a few so far) – (Names of gPhone Apps in BOLD)

Movies – not a production app, but DEFINITELY a “research” app! It’s just a current-run movies viewer giving “Box Office” – “Theaters” – “Upcoming” and “DVD” release dates & details. Sweetly designed!

Strawberry is a depth of field calculator with ability to choose between Canon and Nikon 35mm still cams (handy for my Twoneil 35mm adapter and it’s Nikkor 50mm lens)

The Massive Dev Chart – the ultimate B&W film developer guide. Would’ve been handy when I shot black and white negs in high school.

High Paying Jobs – an app that has “Arts & Entertainment” – “Advertising & Marketing” & “Technology” tabs which sometime gives you gigs in the media industry.

TubeTempo BPM – handy in post-production for timing. A special use would be getting the “natural” time of an actor’s spoken-word rhythm and matching the music to that. That’s kinda like tuning a snare drum to song key… just an extra measure of sweetness.

Rosco Gels – shows the “RoscoLux” line of gels for lighting needs. Only shows name of color and RoscoLux product #. That’s it.

Photometric – allows you to “select an exposure value” – (Exposure Value zero (EV 0) corresponds to exposure time of 1 second and aperture of f/1.0 . EV 1 is either 1/2 seconds and f/1.0 or 1 second and f/1.4) as well as the ISO (in traditional film, ISO (or ASA) was the indication of how sensitive a film was to light – in digital film it’s about how sensitive the image sensor in your cam is) – the program then lays out possible f-stops and shutter speeds for you.

Photostich Free – allows you to take great set shots on your android phone!

And that’s all I’ve found. If you have any more, please log in and post!

UPDATE: (2009:09:02) Ran into this iPhone Film App aggregation today. Thought I’d throw it on here. Maybe some repeats. iPhone Film App list from the Blog

The Helios Sun Tracker iPhone app looks sweet for lighting specialists (and DIY-ers!)

UPDATE: (2010:01:05) This interesting video adds 3 scriptwriting tools – the Android market has even better equivalents to the first two.

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