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MMASFY015 (for moviemakers) Economical Brand

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Dear MovieMaker and Shaker for Yeshua (MMASFY women and men),

We as media makers have the power to give the deepest meaning to people’s lives by simply telling our stories. And the power of a well-told, morally engaging story in these coming months and years will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE for your production company!

Tell the stories of the Cross…

Tell us how Yeshua has affected you…

Tell us who you have found Him to be in your time, your eternity…

Tell us of others you know (whether real or imagined) who have been moved from hell to heaven , and what it is exactly, King Yeshua is doing right now (hint – see the book of the Revelation). Us sharing our faith in creative story-telling ways is the difference engine. You’re imagination is the wheel. Your pen ( is the pedal! Drive that car!

3 powerful story-telling believers I want to share with you this issue, my story-telling friends – Phil Cooke, The Invisible Children and Angel Mission.

1 – Phil Cooke’s new book, The Last TV Evangelist – Why the next generation couldn’t care less about religious media, is out with a fire under it (Cooke’s cookin again). Check out the first chapter as a free PDF here –

2 – The Invisible Children have gone off on another trip to save a nation. The nation of Uganda. See their amazing story-telling techniques here – and here – They’re driving their little difference engine like Mario Andretti!

3 – Angel Mission is the practical outreach of GodTV and partners… giving water to thirsty children. Please watch their moving challenge here –

Although I prefer the term “soul sound” – – all three of the above story tellers are using powerful “brands” to drive home their Yeshua-infused stories.

Let’s you and I do the same this year. Happy moviemaking!

And just in case those links aren’t enough to completely rock your worlds and change your lives… ponder this –

The Maker of the Universe, the Being holding your atoms in their fearful orbits, Yeshua, wants to be the sweetest thing to you this week, dear moviemakers. He is the most beautiful being in all of our history and He lives to prove to YOU His unbreakable love covenant… the one He made forever with His Father on YOUR behalf.


MMASFY man, Chaffer

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