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You Makin’ a Movie in 2009?


Just want to know if you’re going to do the thang in 2009. Go ahead. Write something up on that FREE scriptwriting / storyboarding / planning / project management program from!

Get yourself to some rockin (with some of the biggest cash payout) Christian Film Festivals – like or – and take one of your own short film ideas to the playground with ya!

Or just write a whole enchilada! 87 pages or more… and feed the masses some yummy eternal goodies!

– – – – – a 168Project blurb – – – –  due date is January 15th, 2009!

X-MEN Producer Ralph Winter will anchor the Jury for the 168 Film Project 2009! Cash and Prizes will be offered to winning filmmakers as well as a one-on-one meeting with Mr. Winter.

For the 168 competition (beginning in mid-February, see, filmmakers draw a random scripture and in just one week (168 hours) shoot and edit a short film that premieres at the 168 Film Festival, a glitzy red carpet affair held in Los Angeles.

168 films are produced from ANY location in the world. Last year there were 82 entries from 12 countries and 16 states. The contest is built upon faith and art, two passions the participants may already have. Our mission is vital to a world in which the language of the culture IS media.

The 168 Film Festival is April 3rd & 4th, 2009. Check out our website for workshops, mixers, and deadline dates. The Full Entry Fee is $298 with Discounted Fees through January 15, 2009 (see website for discount schedule).

Contact us at: (818)557-8507 or email

RALPH WINTER: “I love what you guys are doing. 168 is an incredible opportunity Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this!”

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