MMASFY012 – Learn from the Angels


Have you ever considered what heaven has been doing all these years? I propose that ONE of the things heaven has been doing is recording the deeds of the Almighty Yahweh, Maker and Lover of heaven and earth!

Steven Spielberg has nothing the on “scribe-angels” in heaven – possibly pre-dating human recordists and filmmakers by 100s of thousands of years! Think REEEEEEEEEALY advanced technology!

Question… what could we learn from Abba Yahweh that we could NOT learn from Hollywood? I propose – everything we need to know to make movies that will make the CUT when Yeshua comes back to destroy the systems of men.

Will you be one of the ones who pulls down those new stories? Those new camera angles? That new editing style? That new sound? That new music?

You’ll never find out if you’re only leaning upon Hollywood to give you your insight.

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