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As Allen Hood Preaches on Revelation

Allen spoke this morning this concept in the beginning of the last book of the Bible –  “The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah)“… His sermon (notes here) … what does it mean to you?

I STRONGLY encourage you to go download this file! It’s a KEY to understanding the book! It’s a AWESOME!

And, along with missionaries who serve the poor, activists who defend and plead the case of the oppressed, preachers who preach, parking lot attendants who direct traffic (toughest in the cold), there are movie makers, commercial artists who INFUSE their media with LIFE from above… may we only do Media that challenges believers to the deepest life in Messiah Yeshua, King of the Universe. Nothing less than Heaven on earth will suffice! Who needs “Hollywood” when you have the Sure Wood of Heaven’s Cross planted firmly in the rocky soil of Golgotha 2000 years ago as the stage for King Yeshua’s triumphant declaration over sin, death and the grave – “IT IS FINISHED!” Jesus has WON the delieverance of all mankind from their most deathly ills!

And we’re here to make that clear.

Here’s an article that I picked up just before hearing Allen’s excellent sermon this morning – Sister sees the need for MMASFY, that’s for sure! How are you doing in your fight against a culture that’s gone stark raving mad? The Culture Battle is ON!

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A Saturday Meeting in Grandview!

Welcome to all who are considering hanging out with other filmmakers in a prayerful, studious, friendly setting. Thanks to the noble-minded sisters at LovesickBrideFilms, we are on track for meeting weekly now. I also have to say that my 2 eldest children, Josiah and Grace, were key in encouraging me to call weekly meetings. They made me so proud “tracking” with the “older” creatives in the room – Josiah taking every syllable down as a mental note and Grace documenting a 15 minute video that she shot on her own initiative! Nice! As well, Michael Johnson was a great encouragement to me to open our home for the meetings. He has just finished his first draft on an exciting new feature-length film. You would be excited to know the details, but I’ll leave you to find out more for yourself (can you say, “non-disclose, non-compete”?)…

Anyhoo… show up! Saturday nights at 7 pm until about 9 or 10… or 11… (for now). For more info, see the email! Or sign up here on the site!

Shalom, movie-makers!


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MMASFY013 – Prayer for Banners Ps20:5 Style!


Banners… Films! Films that proclaim “Yeshua!” Salvation! Our Savior’s name as a baby was… “Salvation!” May our banners hold His name high!

US Economy is flailing … but that only means MORE need for “entertainment” … just as in the 30s … I’m asking heaven for Christians to be used like Daniel was. Banners = Movies! Psalm 20:5!

(No reward for this prayer but that’s ok – Matt.6:5, 1st Cor.3:18 – because Jesus compels me.)

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MMASFY012 – Learn from the Angels


Have you ever considered what heaven has been doing all these years? I propose that ONE of the things heaven has been doing is recording the deeds of the Almighty Yahweh, Maker and Lover of heaven and earth!

Steven Spielberg has nothing the on “scribe-angels” in heaven – possibly pre-dating human recordists and filmmakers by 100s of thousands of years! Think REEEEEEEEEALY advanced technology!

Question… what could we learn from Abba Yahweh that we could NOT learn from Hollywood? I propose – everything we need to know to make movies that will make the CUT when Yeshua comes back to destroy the systems of men.

Will you be one of the ones who pulls down those new stories? Those new camera angles? That new editing style? That new sound? That new music?

You’ll never find out if you’re only leaning upon Hollywood to give you your insight.

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