MMASFY008 – IHOP Media Apprentice Report #2


Here’s some of what we do around the office. Actually Dusty’s really the only apprentice helping – me and Keith were just “documenting”! This is the OneThing Promo shoot – final shot. Angel Soto directing –

Here’s the lyrics to the background song, Completion (written, produced by yours truly) –

If the end wasn’t coming – the end of this world system – if it wasn’t crumbling – beneath your feet…

What would you do – with your precious seconds? – Would you dance? – Would you romance?

Would you teach the precious children – with an eye for substance? – Would you keep the precious things – in plain view?

Would you fill their circumstance – with hope? – With love? – With dignity? – With adventure?

This is your completion! – It’s not only about you – It’s about the children!

MMASFY008 – Media Apprenticeship Report #2 – Onething Promo Shoot – 9 minutes 22 seconds (92.8 megs!)

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One thought on “MMASFY008 – IHOP Media Apprentice Report #2

  1. You are inspiring in your relentless creativity!
    I love you brother Tom!

    -JasonF (ceo and janitor of the Virginia LOHAS association of Christian agrarian homeschooling JESUS freak maniac flatfooters)

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